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The curriculum at Mission Lutheran School is faith-based and emphasizes the traditional subjects of reading, writing, and math. Additionally, science, social studies, art, music, and P.E. are incorporated. Current technology resources are utilized.

  • Religion -

Scripture-based emphasizing forgiveness and salvation through Christ alone. Enduring Faith materials from Concordia Publishing House form the base of instructional materials.


  • Reading -

Teachers use a multi-faceted program that stresses individualized comprehension and achievement. Assorted resources and trade books are used to achieve reading goals.


  • Writing/Grammar -

Students write frequently based on lessons and personal experiences, developing genre and creativity skills. Shurley Grammar and assorted resources are used by the teachers and students.


  • Math -

Emphasizes math basics while covering a complete spectrum of mathematical topics. Saxon materials are the primary resource used.


  • Science -

The science curriculum covers physical, earth, and life science topics. Both content and hands-on experiences are utilized. Mystery Science materials are primarily used in K-5th grades, while a variety of resources and materials are used in 6-8th grades.

  • Social Studies -

The social studies curriculum covers a wide range of topics that are age/grade level appropriate. The younger grades focus on community and the older grades incorporate United States history and geography as well as some world history topics. Assorted resources are used by teachers and students.


  • Art -

Technique, art styles, artists, media, and elements are included in weekly lessons. Assorted resources are used to achieve goals.


  • P.E. -

Health and fitness are the key components. Good sportsmanship and effort are top priorities. Assorted resources are used by teachers and students.


  • Music -

Students experience music with an emphasis on vocal performance, rhythm, and theory. 

The school office or teaching staff can provide more specific information if requested.

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