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Use it two ways...

Support the School -


What is RaiseRight? RaiseRight is "substitute money" in the form of gift cards.  You can order gift cards in advance of your shopping and then pay for your purchases with the cards, just as you would with cash.  You can use RaiseRight cards to purchase everyday items like food, gas, clothing, and other essentials.


How does the RaiseRight program earn money?  MLS is able to purchase shopping cards from the Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount.  We, in turn, sell the cards to you at the full price, or face value.


Visit the RaiseRight website!

See order forms or ask a teacher for the school's enrollment code.

Reduce Your Tuition -

How does the tuition reimbursement program work?  Each time you purchase RaiseRight cards, the earnings you generate will be calculated.  Half (50%) of the profit earned will be applied to your family's account as a tuition credit, and the school's General Fund will earn the other 50%.  The more gift cards you buy, the more tuition credit you'll earn.  Details are as follows:

  • Tuition credits earned may be applied to tuition/registration due, received back in cash, or donated back to the MLS.

  • Tuition credit earned by families will be processed two times per year in January and September.

  • An agreement form must be completed prior to the application of tuition credits.


Please speak with a teacher to get started!


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