Eligibility, Registration, & Tuition -



A child is eligible for preschool if he/she is 3 years by September 1 and is completely independent on the toilet. A child who turns 3 prior to January 1 and is completely independent on the toilet may register second semester for a 2 or 3 day/week preschool session. A child is eligible for Kindergarten if he/she is 5 years old by September 1 of the year they begin Kindergarten at MLS.  A child is eligible for first grade if they are 6 years old by September 1 of the year they begin first grade at MLS and have successfully completed Kindergarten at a recognized institution.  A child is eligible for all other grades upon successful completion of prior grades from a recognized institution.  The Administrator reserves the right to waive one or more admission requirements in special circumstances.


Registration and Enrollment


A child is considered enrolled at MLS when all registration forms have been completed and submitted to the Administrator along with the appropriate registration fee and a copy of the child’s immunization record.  A spot may be ‘held’ for a student with the completion of the registration forms and a $100 down payment of the registration fee. The balance of the fees and the immunization records are due prior to the first day of school. Registration fees and down-payments are non-refundable.


Any student transferring from another school must submit to the school office official school transcripts from previously attended schools. All new students to Mission Lutheran School will be admitted on a 30-day probationary period in order to assure that MLS will best be able to provide for each student’s unique needs.


Registration for the new school year will begin early in the calendar year of the current school year.  There will be an open registration for all currently enrolled students as well as members of our community.  Space is limited and all classes will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.


Enrollment of all students is for one academic year. Registration forms and vaccination records must be reviewed and updated annually. The registration fee is paid annually.


The administrator will work closely with families and staff when making any exceptions to the above policy, always being mindful of the well-being of every student.


A limited amount of funds is set aside annually for the purpose of Tuition Assistance to families who are in need. Applications must be filled out annually. Completed forms are due by the May date set on the school calendar.




Tuition is due by the 10th of each month. Payments should be placed in the tuition mailbox outside the office door.  Preschool tuition is paid monthly for 9 months. Elementary tuition is paid monthly for 10 months. Payments made after the 10th of each month will have a $10 late fee applied. If monthly tuition is not paid by the end of the month, a $25 fee is applied.


· Checks - Make payable to Mission Lutheran Church.


· Cash -  Make all cash payments in the school office during business hours. You will receive a receipt with your payment.


· Credit card - Mission Lutheran School now accepts credit card payments through SQUARE. $2 per every $100 (amounts rounded to nearest $100) will be added for this convenience.  A $2 minimum convenience fee exists for all transactions.


If for any reason, you need to withdraw your child from Mission Lutheran School, notify the Administrator as soon as possible.  You will need to pay the entire monthly tuition for that month, but will not be held responsible for the remainder of the year’s tuition. 


We offer a sibling discount of 10% for each sibling after the first child who also attend Mission Lutheran School. Please note, the discount applies to monthly tuition and not registration fees.


Only 1 discount may be applied per student.